Adventures in Jazz is dedicated to furthering the celebration of Jazz, Latin Jazz
and Samba Jazz, with workshops at magnificent locations around the world.

August 16-23, 2015 at Green Mountain College, Vermont

schroon August 16-23, 2015 at Green Mountain College, Vermont

Classes for vocalists and instrumentalists in Jazz, Latin Jazz and Brazilian Jazz, directed by Amy London and Roni Ben-Hur with world class faculty.

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  • I've attended four Jazz Camps with Roni Ben-Hur over the past three years.  I've found them to be both enjoyable and informative. The faculty has always been top notch: warm, supportive and very accessible. Everyone is made to feel comfortable, and encouraged to participate. At one camp, I attended with my son, and that was a great experience, enjoying and playing this great music together.
    Gil S.
  • The jazz camp in Bar Harbor was awesome. I have learned a lot and had so much fun. The teachers were wonderful and so the students who joined the camp. Amy and Roni are great artists, amazing teachers and wonderful human beings.
  • I especially like all the performance opportunities via nightly jams, lots of interaction ... these camps excel and stand in front of others for this!
    Janis Wilkins
  • I  know Roni Ben–Hur as an excellent teacher. As an amateur drummer I was lucky to attend some of his inspiring classes in Belgium, Brazil and France, and they were all very well prepared and taught with high quality and involvement. On top of this he is an excellent jazz guitar player and composer too.
    Ivo Bultheel
  • As an amateur but committed musician I can say that you have inspired me in both a personal and professional way.  I've learned from your constructive attitude towards myself. Your musical skill and your positive approach to people is impressive.
I feel privileged to have had you as a teacher and a friend.
    Dirk Vandewiele
  • One of the great things about Roni's jazz camps is that it offers students a lot of actual playing time with great rhythm sections.  We get to try out all the things that we work on during practice.  And the instructors are all world class musicians that teach students the essentials of music in a way that anyone can understand, regardless the level of musicianship, so long as they are open and willing. 
I especially love that the jazz camps are always set in locations that are beautiful and slightly off the beaten path so it turns the experience into a mini  travel vacation as well. 
In a nutshell Roni Ben-hur's jazz camps are a week of doing what you love (playing and learning music) in the most beautiful setting.... an experience truly too marvelous for words
    Jorge Manahan
  • This summer's jazz camp was wonderful, a transformative experience.  A good blend of serious instruction and opportunities to relax and make music with nice people in a lovely setting.  Campers can expect bandstand and jam session experience, and plenty of chances to play music with, learn from and get to personally know some leading jazz musicians and educators.  I look forward to returning, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your programs for jazz enthusiasts looking for a fun way to build skills and expand their musical horizons.
    Mark Lubin
  • I was a student the past four years at Festi-Jazz in San Cezaire  and once in Pawling, New York with team-Roni Ben-Hur. It is difficult to describe the experience. First, the Ben-Hur team thinks of everything. (travel, picking up family members, accommodations, there was even a doctor on call) Roni treats everyone special and is really happy that you came. The immersion into the music is challenging but he and his team are such pros they don't have any doubt that you can get there musically. It is a wonderful thing to go from anxiety and doubt to playing publicly in less than a week, with confidence. I grew each time as a musician and as a person. The support and teaching made it possible to really surprise myself. A lot of the camp experience is being with these special musicians led by Roni and all the students who are there just because they love the music. I have friends from all over the world now. He really provides an experience that is magic!
    John Bliss
  • Roni Ben Hur has a way of always letting music be the guide. He takes you on this special path with his incredible knowledge and vast skill and then lets you explore, finding your own way. He also has the knack of making a group of impassioned adult amateurs into an ensemble that really swings! All of this is done on location at some truly wonderful places. Its been a highlight for me through many years.  Roni makes it even more attractive by the long list of accomplished pros who help teach at his camps.  Roni is a fabulous teacher with his own unique style and I am a much better player because of it. A beautiful side note is that we have also become close friends.
    Joseph Zemann
  • I went to 2 of Roni & Amy's jazz camps and can highly recommend them for any musician, no matter what level. The schedule of classes and opportunity to learn all sorts of jazz skills is very well thought-out, the teachers are fantastic and you get to perform in a very friendly setting. Also the "can-do/go-for-it spirit" of the instructors is positively contagious and you actually get happier as the week goes on (I know this may sound strange but it's true from my experience!). You're in a gorgeous setting, playing music you love with other jazz folks - what could be better?!
  • By the end of the week, I was playing (and singing!!) in ways I never knew I was capable of.
    Deb Navins
  • Roni and his Adventures in Jazz have enriched my life in ways that are too numerous to count.  In surrounding oneself with world-class musicians, in the most envious of settings, one is able to expand their knowledge, gain confidence learn how to adapt and become immersed in a new culture.  For anyone wanting to grow as a musician and become a more well-rounded human being, I can't recommend it enough.  
    Lance Goler
  • I enrolled both my children in their camp in France and the knowledge and confidence they learned was priceless.
    Lou D'Alotto

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